Sunday, March 28, 2010

Radio Hobo

So I took a short first step into the podcast world.

Put some trunks on end for a table, plugged in my turntables & assorted gear-ish stuff, and pressed record.

I was joined by DJ Cahn Bon Jovi, my weekly DJ partner down at The Vault Martini Bar in Redlands. We did about a ½ hour of records & babble.

press the button to listen!
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Now that we've done it once we can do it better next time....

News from the Goodie Shop

Hobo Jazz has been working on our next studio record for too long now. But progress has been made. We've got nearly 5 songs finished with a few more just requiring vocals.

In the mean time we've come up with a live album; Romantic Obscenities, Vol. 1
It's a vulgar romp through some wild times. Everything recorded live at either or New Years 09/10 show at The Vault Martini Bar in Redlands, Ca or at our Jan 3/4 shows at The Piano Bar in Hollywood, Ca. This disc is not meant for the delicate of taste. This will probably make you hate us, or love us...

I'm working on assembling more live material for a non-obscene release also. I don't want people to think we're always lewd & lascivious. We have many facets, for every bit of blue humor we let out there's a pretty bit of loveliness that's floating down to land on your nose. That's a good reminder to be wary of things floating down on your nose.