Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Al Morgan - Bass idol

At the end of this is a familiar clip of Cab Calloway & His Orchestra with the amazing Al Morgan on bass. Al had is hands in Jazz, early R&B, & even Rock & Roll! His playing is just superb! He came from a prolific New Orleans family where his 3 brothers each had the music bug. For reference check out Sam Morgan's Jazz Band with the all the Morgan borthers but Al!
click to go hear Sam Morgan's Jazz Band at

So Al was coming from a good place....Here's a tune he co-wrote & recorded in 1929 while still in N.O. before he moved up to New Tork
click to go hear Damp Weather by Jones & Collins Astoria Hot 8 from

Al Morgan would eventually record and play with a range of leaders that should put shivers in your back bone! Fate Marable, Fats Waller, Les Hite, Otto Hardwick, Zutty Singleton, Louis Jordan, Sabby Lewis, Chu Berry, Coleman Hawkins, Don Byas, Jack Teagarden, Jay McShann, Red Allen, Louis Armstrong and T-Bone Walker.

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