Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Bartók pizzicati" 1927 & a nice slapping clip

Slap Bass players....Orchestral String Quartet by Bartók written in 1927. The entire movement is played pizzicato (with yer fingers) and yes there is a lot of what some would call 'Slap' playing, known to the long hair classical crowd at "Bartók pizzicati"...

just a little perspective for the slap happy bass players I know & love.

The Cats & the Fiddle with Chuck Barksdale on bass fiddle. This is from the 1938 Lena Horne vehicle "The Duke Is Tops". A great little movie that you can pick up cheap. The band swings thru a version of "Killin' Jive" that varies a bit from the 1939 version on Bluebird. The varied bit is the 'wow' section where the band picks up the tempo and everyone takes a pose either on the bass or by it. Slap happy mania that still persists to this day! Chuck Barksdale not the same Barksdale that sang with The Dells, this low-end pounder died in 1941, probably only in his 30's.

Here's a real handy Bio & Discography on The Cats & The Fiddle

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